Be A Model

Want to be a Bikini Model with BikiniFlirt Bikinis?

Of course you do!


Please email us several fun, well lit outdoor photos of you in your new bikini and we may just put them up on our sites.

If we choose you, you’ll get a FANTASTIC discount on your next order!

Tips for taking the BEST Bikini photos:

Good Outdoor Lighting – Early Morning & Late Afternoon/Sunset – This light makes everyone look their best! Well lit, with no shadows on you, so you’re evenly lit but not over exposed

Beautiful Backgrounds – Bikini pictures of you standing in front of a beautiful or striking background are best. The Beach, a pool, lush landscaping, or get creative!

Trust Your Photographer – Choose a good photographer who makes you feel comfortable! Or ask a friend or family member. 

Several Photos Front & Back – please send us 4-5 standing pictures of both the front & back so it’s easy for customers to see what  the Bikini will look like on

Family Friendly Please – show off your fabulous figure in fun, family friendly photos

Over 18 – we can only accept photos if you’re over 18

You could be our next model!

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